Eur J Pediatr (1998) 157: 547-55

Longitudinal monthly body measurements from 1 to 12 months of age: a study by practitioners for practitioners
U. Eiholzer · P. Bodmer · M. Bühler · U. Döhmann · G. Meyer · P. Reinhard · G. Schimert · G. Varga · R. Wälli · R. Largo · L. Molinari

A longitudinal growth study with monthly measurements during the 1st year of life was conducted by nine paediatricians working in private practice in Zurich. Of 92 children, none was lost to the study and only 32 of 1104 planned visits were missed; the quality of the measurements was comparable to that of a specialised university clinic. Compared to the Zurich Longitudinal Growth Studies, children of this study were con- siderably heavier and taller. In 92% of the subjects, growth velocity was at least once outside the reference range (3rd-97th percentile). For weight increments, the corresponding proportion was 87%.

The data indicate that current standards for the 1st year of life for the Zurich area might no longer be appropriate and need to be updated. The currently used velocity percentiles based on 3-monthly measurements are not suitable to assess individual height and weight increments calculated from monthly measurements.